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Tradition and Innovation

Tonka showcases count 30 flavours, each with its own special story as told by Valerio: from his favourite flavour, Stracciatella, to seasonal fruit like Lemon, Peach, Blackberry and Mango, not to mention the more innovative flavours like “Roman holiday” (with Madagascar vanilla, pistachio stracciatella and raspberry sauce) or Lemon meringue (a soft lemon cream enriched with flambe Italian meringue).

Furthermore, Umbero Esposito, the well-known pastry chef from the Pontine Marshes and Valerio's father, has created a refined line of chilled cakes from some of his son’s creations. The ice cream cakes consist of a semifreddo wrapping with a heart of ice cream, glaze and grains, all resting on a crunchy base of cereal and chocolate. And to end up with, Sicilian-style granitas of just sugar, water and fruit.