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About us

Tonka opened for the first time in Aprilia, in 2010, in the heart of the Pontine Marshes, following on from an idea of Valerio Esposito, a teenage student attending his final year at the Hospitality Institute. Since then it has been awarded “two cones” by the Gambero Rosso Guide to the best Italian gelaterias. The name Tonka was inspired by the Tonka bean, a Venezuelan fruit that, when grated, releases a characteristic smell of vanilla, coconut and honey, renowned as a symbol of elegance and good taste. Valerio Esposito, Tonka's creative ice-cream maker, was brought up in the sweet-smelling environment of “Tropicana”, his family's legendary patisserie. However, he decided to specialise in the coolest of dessert art, using all the talent inherited from Umberto, his pastry chef father, and Anna his mother, the true pillar of the family, from whom he not only inherited his talent but also his professional ethics.

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Valerio’s parents have now closed their patisserie in order to help Valerio in his dream project by supporting him in both his private and professional life, in which Valerio’s wife Jennifer also plays an important role. They are the four elements that form the “heart of ice cream”, the Tonka logo. In 2016, Valerio became the regional champion of the Gelato World Tour and won first prize at the Gelato Artisan Festival, a competition in which ice cream makers from every corner of the world take part. He then became a member of “Gelatieri per il Gelato”, a cultural organization aimed at focusing on the traditional value of artisanal ice cream, and the promotion of an ethical code to be shared with the consumer – initiatives that represent all that Valerio and his beliefs and working methods stand for.

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Qualità e Passione
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Valerio Esposito

Maestro gelatiere

Jennifer Boero

Maestro gelatiere-pasticcere

Umberto Esposito

Maestro pasticcere

Anna Rainone

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